We introduce human resources for the service industry, such as restaurants and hotels, and beauty salon industry. Please feel free to contact us no matter how little experience you have worked in Japan is.

Multilingual Support

In addition to native-level English, Japanese, and Spanish, Italian and Portuguese are also available.

Free registration and handling fees

There are no initial costs such as registration fees and commissions. Moreover, service charge is not needed after you get a job.

Generous support for each individual

During the interview that follows your inquiry, we will ask you about any concerns you may have regarding living in Japan, visas, employment, etc. We will provide full support even before introduction.

Accurate job matching

Before introducing personnel, we carefully listen to your future vision and career aspirations. With our experience in supporting hundreds of foreigners and Japanese people, we are able to suggest the best place to work based on your life plans.

Achievements of introducing staff to famous hotels

Tokyo, Hokkaido, Kyoto, Okinawa… We have great achievements of introducing famous hotels as well as private restaurants all over Japan. We also handle job openings that are not open to the public. 


Accommodation industry,food and beverage service industry

Accommodation departmentAccommodation reservations, Front staff, Housekeeper, etc.
Food and beverage departmentHall staff, Room service, Sommelier, Bartender
Cooking departmentChef, Baker, Pastry, etc.
Banquet departmentBanquet reservation, Wedding planner, etc.
Sales & Marketing DepartmentSales, Marketing, Public Relations (PR)
Management departmentGeneral manager, Human resources, Accounting, Facility management, Secretary, etc.
SPASpa therapist、Spa receptionist

You can check current job openings on each SNS.